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1-13-207. Signature on registration record is proof of oath


Any elector, election official, or other person, by his signature on the registration record, shall be conclusively deemed in law to have duly verified such registration record. The registration record containing such signature, or a copy thereof certified by the county clerk and recorder, shall be admissible in evidence as proof of the taking of an oath or affirmation as to the information contained therein in all criminal proceedings pursuant to sections 1-13-104, 1-13-203, and 1-13-205.


Source: L. 80: Entire article R&RE, p. 431, § 1, effective January 1, 1981.L. 91: Entire section amended, p. 638, § 80, effective May 1.

Editor’s note: This section is similar to former § 1-13-116 as it existed prior to 1980.

Definition [Person]

Any natural person, partnership, committee, association, corporation, labor organization, political party, or other organization or group of persons. Section 2(11) of article XXVIII of the state constitution.

Definition [Election]

Any election under the “Uniform Election Code of 1992” or the “Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965”, article 10 of title 31, C.R.S. C.R.S. § 1-7.5-103.