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1-13.5-706. Judge to watch voting machines


The election judges shall designate at least one judge to be stationed beside the entrance to the voting machine or voting booth during the entire period of the election to see that it is properly closed after an elector has entered to vote. At such intervals as the judge deems proper or necessary, the judge shall examine the face of the machine to ascertain whether it has been defaced or injured, to detect the wrongdoer, and to repair any injury.

Source: L. 2014: Entire article added, (HB 14-1164), ch. 2, p. 30, § 6, effective February 18.

Definition [Election]

Any election under the “Uniform Election Code of 1992” or the “Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965”, article 10 of title 31, C.R.S. C.R.S. § 1-7.5-103.