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1-5-606. Election officials and employees not to have interest in voting equipment or devices


No election official or employee of an election official having duties or responsibilities in connection with the conduct of any election shall have any financial or proprietary interest, either directly or indirectly, in the manufacture, sale, maintenance, servicing, repair, or transportation of voting equipment. This section shall not apply to any designated election official or employee of a designated election official participating in a coordinated election who has no independent decision-making responsibility concerning the selection of voting equipment by the county clerk and recorder or whose interest derives solely from ownership of shares in a mutual or pension fund.


Source: L. 92: Entire article R&RE, p. 720, § 8, effective January 1, 1993.L. 96: Entire section amended, p. 1744, § 37, effective July 1.L. 2004: Entire section amended, p. 1345, § 10, effective May 28.


Editor’s note: This section is similar to former § 1-6-606 as it existed prior to 1992.

Cross references: For the legislative declaration contained in the 2004 act amending this section, see section 1 of chapter 334, Session Laws of Colorado 2004.
Definition [Designated election official]

The secretary of state, a county clerk and recorder, or other election official as provided by article XXI of the state constitution. C.R.S. § 1-12-100.5.

Definition [Election]

Any election under the “Uniform Election Code of 1992” or the “Colorado Municipal Election Code of 1965”, article 10 of title 31, C.R.S. C.R.S. § 1-7.5-103.